Vikingo de Jerez


Vikingo de Jerez is a self-taught flamenco guitarist steeped in the pure Gypsy style. A sorrowful lyricism courses through his playing and composing, while he performs with a fiery technical facility to equal the best. Audiences are simultaneously thrilled and spellbound by performances of such ferocious power and originality as have never been heard in Australia. International recognition of his extraordinary gifts has seen him singled out for sponsorship in Australia by Hannabach Strings Germany. His concerts and debut Buleriando album have received ecstatic reviews, Vikingo being described as “the most complete flamenco guitarist this country has produced” by Australia's leading newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald. He is now considered by many to be well on the road to becoming one of the world’s finest proponents of a Gypsy art-form that is as haunting as it is beautiful. 

"Hannabach strings are now producing some of the highest quality hand made strings in the world. They are simply incredible for flamenco guitars as they give the rich deep bass response necessary for the concert soloist of the Flamenco guitar. The Hannabach black flamenco sets are particularly excellent for Blanca guitars giving them a negra like quality" 

Vikingo de Jerez

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