The new series "Hannabach Exclusive" combines our valued craftmanship with modern materials and technologies.

The bass strings are made with brand new core material, which combines a fast an excellent tunability, unrivaled clear sound quality with a much longer shelf life. The wire is manufactured with very high silver content and offers the perfect "playing-feel".

The treble strings feature a combination of highest precision round Nylon (E1; H/B2) and our well-known Titanyl (G3) in order to achieve a balance between the bass and treble strings. This exclusive set is intended for any muician who appreciates the quality of sound and durability.

  • Available in two tensions as complete set, bass-set as well as single strings.
  • Made for instruments with scale length 65cm/25.5".
  • Trebles: Nylon precision round, plain/Titanyl, plain
  • Basses: Exclusive, wound



Peter Howard Jensen about our "Exclusive":
english translation for "Die neuen exklusiven Hannabach Saiten sind das absolut Beste. Ein Meilenstein moderner Saitenherstellung. Mit ihnen erklingt meine Interpretation der Werke von Bach, Vivaldi, Hayden und Schubert noch genauer und das Publikum wird begeistert sein."
Xingye Li about our "Exclusive":
"I am completely impressed with Hannabach Exclusive, I never had such a good playing feeling with other guitar strings before. Very brilliant warm rounded trebles, with very stable powerful basses."


Saite Beschreibung Durchmesser Spannung
E-1 Nylon PR 0,71 mm/0,73 mm 7,0 kg/7,2 kg
H-2/B Nylon PR 0,81 mm/0,84 mm 5,6 kg/6,0 kg
G-3 Titanyl 1,02 mm/1,03 mm 6,3 kg/6,4 kg
D-4 Exclusive 0,72 mm/0,74 mm 7,5 kg/7,9 kg
A-5 Exclusive 0,89 mm/0,91 mm 7,3 kg/7,7 kg
E-6 Exclusive 1,10 mm/1,12 mm 7,0 kg/7,4 kg